The services we offer our clients are founded on the basic principle of trust between a land agent and a client, good faith and our professional experience gained throughout the years. Being our main function, we understand that COHABITATION is the most valuable asset for the residents’ association as a whole, so we always do our best to foster it and mediate so that owner can live together in harmony.

Our professional mission can be illustrated in the detail below:

  • Writing and managing calls for ordinary and extraordinary general meetings, at the request of the President or anybody else who is legally entitled.
  • Sending the balance sheet of revenue and expenditure, together with the call for the ordinary meeting, so that joint owners can be well-informed of the transactions during the year, with the aim of discussing them.
  • Before the ordinary meeting is held, we invite those joint owners who may wish so to examine the association accounts in office hours.
  • Personal attendance of the land agent in meetings. Recording meetings.
  • If applicable, acting as the Secretary of the meeting and safekeeping the documents of the association available to its members.
  • Writing minutes of meetings, where the agreements adopted in meetings are reflected.
  • Informing the members not attending the meeting of the agreements adopted in it.
  • Fulifilling the agreements adopted by the Board together with the Executive Board or those expressly appointed.
  • Full management of accounts. This task consists both in carrying out the entries of revenue and expenditure and in advising the President and Joint Owners on the development of financial items throughout the accounting year.
  • Informing about the account statement accurately and advising on the most convenient transactions to be performed so as to meet the expenditure scheme. The goal is to save as much as possible without losing service quality.
  • Issuing bills to those joint owners asking so. Make the suitable payments and charges.
  • We do NOT accept payments in cash in our offices, so that all transactions can be reflected in the bank account, as a proof of transparent management.
  • This service is also offered online. Therefore, regardless of the usual system of written notifications, you may enjoy this new service free of charge. It will allow you to gain access to the general information of the residents’ association (calls for meetings, minutes, account statements, etc.) through a personal and secret key to be entered so as to consult the information about your association.
  • Our offices have a lecture room equipped with an overhead projector and a video conference system. Special advice on legal proceedings against defaulting debtors. To this end we have a legal consultancy made up of lawyers with recognized expertise who examine every case personally and particularly. Enquiries beyond the scope of the Land Agent are transferred to Legal Consultant Mr. Alejandro González Álvarez, free of charge.
  • Watching over the good order of the property, facilities and services, to which end joint owners are properly warned.
  • Checking that the services provided by the different maintenance companies are fulfilled (lift, cleaning, clean-up…), and that the terms which were agreed and hired are observed.
  • Looking after the maintenance of the property, deciding on ordinary repairs, and adopting urgent measures as for extraordinary repairs, immediately informing the Board and, if applicable, joint owners, about them.
  • Diligently fulfilling the adopted agreements concerning works. Regular visits to the property to check and monitor the agreements adopted in meetings.
  • Making internal regulations and rules.
  • Writing internal articles.
  • All associations are dealt with personally by the Land Agent and a duly qualified Administrative Worker/ Secretary. Joint owners living out of the island are offered to make appointments with the Land Agent through video conferencing.
  • Monitoring damage, loss or accidents with insurance companies.
  • Advice on the Law on Data Protection and on Risk Prevention Management. Issuing certificates on agreements and debts. Suppliers: under our transparency policy, we understand that the President and the Management Board of the Association are responsible for choosing their suppliers. Our team offers support, cooperation and advice on alternative estimates.
  • Advising joint owners on the law in force and on their rights and duties, so that all joint owners can be certain and sure that they live under the legal framework.

The task of mediation performed by the Land Agent is a fundamental mainstay of his/ her activity, since there are more and more common elements shared by each and every joint owner, and its functional applications are varied, making the moderating action of the Land Agent essential. It is frequent for the Land Agent to act in cases for the good of the association, acting beyond the technical functions previously established, without receiving an additional financial benefit. Rather than cooperation, this is part of a duty which is inherent in good faith and good work as a professional.