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Land Agents in Ibiza


The services we offer our clients are founded on the basic principle of trust between a land agent and a client, good faith and our professional experience gained throughout the years. Being our main function, we understand that COHABITATION is the most valuable asset for the residents’ association as a whole, so we always do our best to foster it and mediate so that owner can live together in harmony.

Our team

Our team is led by Land Agents Ibiza Ms Rocío SERRA LÓPEZ-PELEGRÍN, registered under number 906, and Mr Sergio DE LA TORRE CASTAÑEDA, registered under number 648, who have wide professional experience. Being a registered member plays a social role, which is controlling each and every member so that the Association can guarantee together with professionals that they meet all the essential requirements for their practice. Hiring a registered land agent is synonymous with guarantee, which means all their members -Ibiza- are qualified and responsible for fulfilling their duties and obligations before their Association, their colleagues, clients and third parties in general.

Fees and estimates

As for our fees, there is an average price for residents’ associations based on the area in which they are located, but we understand that every association deserves an accurate estimate depending on their features and services. Ask for an estimate and we can make an initial appointment in which you will be able to know our human and professional profile, which are essential mainstays in our profession.